The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) has announced its full list of full-time varsity student-athletes who have received an All-Academic award during the 2016-17 season.

To receive the award, Georgian College student-athletes must earn an 80% average in their field of study while also balancing their schedule participating in one of the 13 varsity sports offered at the college.

Georgian was well represented with 59 student-athletes receiving the award, the second most of any institution in the province.

This marks an incredible total of nearly 40% of all varsity athletes earning this distinction.  

Below is the list of Georgian Grizzlies who earned an OCAA All-Academic Award. To view the full list of 870 OCAA student-athletes who earned the award click here.

Aidan Allard Cross Country                Meaghan Evon Cross Country               Marcus Roth Golf
Adam Armstrong Cross Country   Kaylee Forsyth Women's Basketball   Chiara Rustico Women's Indoor Soccer 
Jeffery Ash Golf   Darien Haynes Men's Volleyball    Kristen Rymarchuk  Women's Volleyball 
Sean Barich Cross Country   Courtney Hodgkinson Women's Indoor Soccer    Patryk Ryska  Men's Indoor Soccer 
Ciera Beresford Women's Volleyball   Lukas Katinas Men's Indoor Soccer    Courtney Sherk  Cross Country 
Brianne Berriault Women's Volleyball   Eric Kern Badminton    Adam Skinner Cross Country 
Ariana Bickell Women's Volleyball   Matt Kerr Men's Volleyball   Rachael Smith Women's Indoor Soccer 
Charmaine Bosma Women's Indoor Soccer   Connor Laronde Men's Basketball    Dayna Snowdon Women's Basketball 
Jake Boulding Men's Rugby   Carlie Manners Women's Basketball    Jessica Stockdale  Women's Basketball 
Nick Brace Men's Rugby   Amber Maw Women's Volleyball    Matthew Terpstra  Men's Volleyball 
Will Britton Cross Country   Cassandra McCormick Women's Indoor Soccer    Tyler Thomson  Cross Country 
Denise Cheeseman Women's Indoor Soccer   Anthony Meggo Men's Basketball    Michael Tran Men's Basketball 
Curtis Cousins Men's Volleyball   Josh Michalik Men's Rugby    Emilie Tyndall Golf 
Alex Cropley Golf   Camryn Morgan Women's Volleyball    Addison Wallwin Golf 
Justin Dawson Cross Country   Ryan Moriarity Men's Volleyball    Danny Watts Golf 
Jessica Dean Women's Indoor Soccer   Prathit Patel Badminton    Robin Whiffing Cross Country 
Aurora Delaney-Selman Women's Basketball   Jordan Pols  Badminton    Thea Wilkes  Women's Volleyball 
Tammy Do Badminton   Chris Quental Men's Indoor Soccer    Zoriaz Zakir  Badminton 
Jake Edwards Men's Volleyball   Daniel Ramos  Men's Volleyball    Ethan Zhao Badminton 
Johnathan Edwards Men's Basketball   Trevor Recalla  Men's Volleyball